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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Civics Class Anyone?

Although this doesn't exactly surprise me, it sure makes me feel angry and disappointed. Americans have more knowledge of idiotic television shows than they do of their basic civil liberties. *sigh* How can we expect the public to defend rights that they don't even know they have? The only good thing I can see about that survey is that only a thousand people took it. Maybe they randomly picked the one thousand most ignorant people that could find and asked them about their rights. Maybe the public isn't as ignorant as I think. Or maybe the last two sentences are wishful thinking and the public is a great lot of ignorant morons who would sue their neighbor over dog crap on their lawn but don't know squat about the liberties that make (made?) this country great. It saddens me in the deepest parts of my heart to know that people care more about what's on the idiot box than they do the document that gives them their freedom. No wonder the current administration can so easily perpetrate acts of deceit and corruption.

For anyone who wants to read up on the Constitution or wants to spread knowledge of it, you can find transcripts of the Constitution and all of the amendments here:
Constitution Archives
You can also find a copy of the Declaration of Independence here:
Declaration of Independence

~The Sage


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